《出口討論分科会》 11/12 11:30-13:00

Discussion sessions will be held at six different venues, each covering one of the following six career paths: (1) industry (business, planning, new business development, etc.), (2) industry (positions in research) and think tanks, (3) employment of international students (discussion in English), (4) academia and national research institutes (science and technology), (5) academia and national research institutes (humanities and social sciences), and (6) international organizations. At the beginning of each session, students who have found employment after completion of the Ph.D. will talk about their experiences as examples for those who will be seeking employment in the future.



■ 三井 実 氏 (Minoru Mitsui)
富士ゼロックス株式会社 研究技術開発本部 コミュニケーション技術研究所

■ 栁原 勝幸 氏 (Katsuyuki Yanagihara)
新日鐵住金株式会社 知的財産部総括 室長

■ 西野 嘉之 氏 (Yoshiyuki Nishino)
株式会社メディネットグローバル 代表取締役CEO、産業能率大学 客員教授



■ 大谷 大和 氏 / Yamato Ohtani
株式会社東芝 インダストリアルICTソリューション社 主務

■ 近藤 崇 氏 / Takashi Kondo
富士ゼロックス株式会社 モノ作り技術本部 電子デバイス技術部 リーダー

■ 深津 真二 氏 (Shinji Fukatsu)
NTTサービスイノベーション総合研究所 企画部 研究推進担当課長

■ 劉 磊 氏 (Lei Liu)
株式会社日本総合研究所 スペシャリスト(システム工学)

Session (3) :Employment of international students (in English)

Abstract: This session will bring up and discuss a number of issues, i.e., language, culture, work ethics and life style, on employments of international graduate students in Japan. In particular, our focus of discussions will be on daunting hurdles that might have prevented the students from obtaining a job, but that they need to overcome for a potential employment of the students in Japan. Mr. Odawara will give us insights of recruitments of international students in Japan and issues involved in the recruitments, whereas Dr. Rzeznicka will provide us with her experience and perspective in these issues. One or two more speakers might participate in the session.

■ Tatsuro Odawara
The General Manager, HR Development Department, Minebea Co., Ltd.

■ Izabela I. Rzeznicka, Ph.D.
Professor, The Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology

■ Nazirul Afham Idris, Ph.D.
Research Engineer, Research and Development Laboratory, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Tokyo



■ 友澤 孝規 氏 (Takanori Tomozawa)
経済産業省 資源エネルギー庁 長官官房 総合政策課 戦略企画室 室長補佐

■ 遠藤 正紀 氏 (Masaki Endoh)
文部科学省 研究開発局 研究開発戦略官(核融合・原子力国際協力担当)付 戦略官補佐

■ 星野 美保子 氏 (Mihoko Hoshino)
国立研究開発法人 産業技術総合研究所 地圏資源環境研究部門 鉱物資源研究グループ 主任研究員

■ 増永 英治 氏 (Eiji Masunaga)
茨城大学 広域水圏環境科学教育研究センター 助教



■ 金山 智子 氏 (Tomoko Kanayama)
情報科学芸術大学院大学 教授、産業文化研究センター長

■ 涌井 智子 氏 (Tomoko Wakui)
独立行政法人東京都健康長寿医療センター研究所 研究員

■ 大久保 豪 氏 (Suguru Okubo)
株式会社BMS横浜 代表取締役

Session (6):International Career Path (in English)

Abstract: The aim of this session is to discuss the pathways, motivations, and the other all required sophistications to create and realize our leading students’ career paths to be global leaders in international organizations. In the first session, we introduce 7 students to present their plans to be a global leader in the international organization. In the second session, we invite 4 professors having various experiences with the international organizations to discuss career-path creation with their advises to the 7 students and the all other students in leading programs.

■ Hannu Jaakkola
Professor, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

■ Bernhard Thalheim
Professor, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany

■ Virach Sornlertlamvanich
Lecturer, Thammasat University, Thailand

■ Hikaru Kobayashi
Project Professor, Keio University, Japan

■ Amane Kobayashi
(Keio University, Global Environmental System Leaders Program, Graduate School of Media and Governance, D3)

■ Katsufumi Tomobe
(Keio University, Global Environmental System Leaders Program, Graduate School of Science and Technology, D2)

■ Masa Jazbec
(University of Tsukuba, Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, 4th grade)

■ Takayuki Nakatsuka
(Waseda University, Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics, Graduate Schools of Advanced Science and Engineering, M1 (L1))